We carry a large selection of new comics.  

And we are currently working to set up on online store!

Below is a partial list of the publishers.

If there is something you would like and don't see in our store, please contact us with the

title or series title and any particular issue numbers you're looking for.  

We will do our best to get them in stock!


We are not, at this time, investing in older comics.  

Once we have established ourselves we will start trying to purchase items or collections.

If we don't have something on our shelves you're reading or interested in reading, let us know.  We will gladly look into ordering it for you.

Have a list of comics you'd like pulled?  We happily create pull lists for our customers and we try to pull special variants when available.  

Also, Pull List Customers get their

bags and boards free of charge!


Rick Burchett left some merchandise for our shelves and it's specially priced!